Heart Prevention Month

This month we are focusing on Heart Disease Prevention.

Get to the heart of the matter.. care about Heart Health.

Please wear your Wellness Wednesday t-shirt and remember to focus on YOURSELF that day.  There will be a heart healthy snack at each school and a heart healthy message each day prior to Wednesday.

Click on this link for some great tips on Heart disease prevention.




Additional notes:


“You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health”


That quote is so true….. We have some great things happening at SFSD to make you healthy.


I am adding one more activity.  MALL WALKING!  Come to the high school after school(3:45) and enjoy the benefits of long hallways, stairs and staying dry.  The route starts at the gym entrance and weaves through-out the building.  There are signs directing you along the way and options to include stairs if you choose. 

Invite a friend and enjoy the company of others.


Today’s information is for the ladies….. Heart disease is now the number one killer of women.